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About our Board of Directors

The Board Consists of seven members representative of the three political subdivisions that combined their individual dispatch centers in 2002 to create the Campbell County Consolidated Dispatch Center. Those entities were the Campbell County Fiscal Court, the City of Ft. Thomas and the City of Newport. In accordance with the Interlocal Agreement that created the Dispatch Center, the Board is composed of a Police Chief and Fire Chief of each of thosae subdivisions (the County Judge appoints a Fire Representative of their choosing) and one additional law enforcement position that is rotated across those three agencies every two years.  This structure has allowed for a considerable amount of stability over the years. That stability has proven to be extremely important to the function and maturation of the communication center.

Not that long ago full time fire departments simply answered the telephone (a seven digit number) at the fire station and responded independently. This situation led to a lot of miscommunication and delayed and/or caused inappropriate responses to emergencies. Our 911 Call Center is staffed with telecommunicators trained to provide prearrival instructions and equipment that will help pinpoint the location of the caller from landline phones. In the near future with the advent of Next Generation 911, we will be able to more closely pinpoint the location of mobile callers, as well. 

The support of our elected officials has been phenomenal over the years allowing us to develop a sustainable funding mechanism that is being copied all over the Commonwealth.

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“Courage is knowing what not to fear”


About Us

Serving Our Community

The Campbell County Consolidated Dispatch Center answers and processes emergency 911 and non-emergency calls for assistance from the public, and dispatches or notifies the appropriate public safety first responders. 

When you call 911 in the United States, your call is answered by a local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). In Campbell County, that PSAP is Campbell County Consolidated Dispatch Center (CCCDC). Whether you need police, fire or medical help, the CCCDC telecommunicators are the group of people to get that process started. They are the first first responders, and often provide life-saving instructions by telephone while help is on the way.

In 2023, over 150,000 dispatches were made by our skilled telecommunications staff, ensuring the safety and well-being of all of the residents of Campbell County.


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