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Minutes Can Matter!

Address Visibility

First responders can't help you if they can't find you. Your safety in an emergency depends on responders' ability to find you quickly. Saving lives and property can come down to a matter of seconds. Emergency vehicles need to be able to see your address, day or night.

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High Visibility

House numbers should be visible from the street.

Numbers should be at least 4 inches tall.

Be certain to make your number visible from both directions on mailboxes or sign posts.

Trim any greenery or shrubs.

When possible, choose reflective number or illuminate your house numbers.

Contrasting numbers and backgrounds help responders.

When in doubt, ask a first responder if they think that they could find your home.

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Low Visibility

Do not use script writing. Numerals are preferable.

Do not allow dirt, debris, snow or foliage to obscure your sign or curbside house numbers.

Do not fix the sign to a gate, as it may be open and the sign unable to be seen when you need 911.

Do not paint over your sign.

Do not place decorations that will cover your number or obscure it in any manner.


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